Teamwork in creating Public toilet places

We are not much bothered or socially responsible for creating or maintenance of public toilets though we use every day. Sanitation and hygiene are the top-notch priorities in our day to day lives as we are prone to diseases easily if proper sanitation measure of not taken in the toilets.

Public toilets at bus stops, railways stations, roads, shopping malls, restaurants are arranged to eliminate the difficulties for us. Imagine how difficult it would have been without public toilets. We need to agree on the fact the controlling our self from going to restroom might result in severe health problems. Especially to older adults and kids, it is a must to have one nearby.

Public toilets should also me maintained properly. One expects the public toilets to be clean and properly ventilated and flooring should be dry with enough light. The design of the public toilets should be easy to use for elderly people and kids.

Few of the public toilets are free to use and free charge a basic minimal amount for use.

Public Toilets

  • Creating public toilet spaces is the need of the hour. They should be accessible, and for a given number of kilometers, there should be one public toilet which is properly maintained. Example: Depending upon the ratio of the population or the average foot print of a particular area public toilets should be arranged accordingly
  • We also should be socially responsible for maintaining the public toilets and do our part.
  • Public toilets should be designed such that it comprises the need and comfort of everyone let it be women, men or for breast feeding or what so ever.
  • People with health conditions who just can’t control should have immediate entry to the toilets.
  • Basic amenities in public toilets can be over looked
  • Should be available 24/7 and no specific opening hours
  • Availability of sanitizer
  • Nearest public toilet availability should be tracked on Google maps

Unlike food, water, shelter public toilets is also one among them so that they can be designed accordingly.

The fact – Most of the diseases are spread through unsanitary washrooms, hence not just creating the public toilets; it is extremely important to maintain the basic sanitation in public toilets. The most dangerous vaginal infection is spread through toilets, and when we are using public toilets as the same one is used by different people, there are more chances that one might be prone to these. Sanitation and Hygiene is a must for
public toilets.

I know a section of people, who are not comfortable using public toilets because they are not hygiene and most them stink badly. In such cases, there should be a regulatory authority to maintain the public toilets and a toll-free helpline number to register complaints in case of any unhealthy public toilet facilities.

Yes, it is a fundamental right. Public Toilets is a provision for a better well being hence everyone should make responsible use of it for healthy living!