The situation with the Ukrainian special services in Sebastopol. Information of the Defense Staff.

“Russian Spring” that began with mass anti-fascist demonstrations in Sevastopol, ruined the plans of the “blitzkrieg” Kiev putschists to establish on the territory of Ukraine of the Nazi regime.

The citizens of Sevastopol, and their determination to defend their city, history, language, and law, literally became a model for other regions of Ukraine with the Russian population that is with an eye on the hero-city also began to mobilize. Despite the fact that the junta is trying to crush the protest continental Ukraine by all means – promotion involving all the state media; terror, not stopping before the kidnapping, torture, and murder; violation of all possible human rights – “Russian Spring” is evident in the earliest phase of its development.

Numerous rallies and pickets, expressing the unity of Sevastopol in the face of mortal danger, lead to tangible results. the head of the city – the first time in half a century! – was a man chosen by the Sevastopol and enjoys the absolute confidence of the citizens who find themselves in a legal vacuum of civil representatives of power structures in the majority of the population supported the choice. Among other things, the results of such a two-week activity of citizens may well be considered a reason for pride.

Unfortunately, this regular pride gradually transformed into euphoria. That not only reckless but also dangerous.

SBU management Pushkin, 10 symbolically decorated with the flags of Russia, Sevastopol, and is under a preventive supervision of people’s militia. In general, it looks like the image of a complete mastery. But if you dig deeper, the well-known building on Pushkin, 10 is not the last “Avatar” in Kiev on our land. And not even the most important.

Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who do not want to serve the Nazi junta, increasingly state their desire to move to the side of Sevastopol and the Crimea. Open expression of such a position requires a lot of courage, because of Ukrainian soldiers, sailors, and officers are subject to unprecedented pressure from the military prosecutor’s office, constantly threatened by the employees, their families and friends in prison for lack of loyalty to the Nazi regime.

Just recently, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine O. Lyashko declared the necessity of execution of any “change” putschists serviceman Ukraine “in 24 hours”.

Military Prosecutor’s Office on 27 Suvorov did not obey the authorities of Sevastopol and the Crimea, continuing to threaten, intimidate and terrorize the troops, as no other means to cause the loyalty of the junta simply does not. In so doing, it helps the Military Service Law Enforcement (GSP) placed outside Hrustaleva that performs disciplinary functions of the police.

Pickets at the SBU building on Pushkin, 10 have no effect on the intensive work the house number 17 on Suvorova. Where is the control center “T” – political investigation and control of political parties, civil society organizations and journalists? This control is subject to the coup, there is a Suvorov, 17 are sent daily reports on the situation in the city, photos, and videos, intercepted text messages and telephone conversations, advice and suggestions, the dossier on the pro-Russian activists.

There is also the management “CZE” (counter-intelligence protection of economy).

The house on the street. Budyonny 4 near the casino, “Luxor” is the management of government communications, operational and technical department of the SBU and radio intelligence unit.

Until the fateful referendum on self-determination of Crimea and Sevastopol 7 days left. It is hardly necessary to explain how this referendum we need, and to what extent it is dangerous for the Nazis, the eyes and ears that quietly continue to work in several places, right in the heart of our city. The threat that lingers in the nondescript building on the street. Suvorov, Budyonny and Hrustaleva great, real, and its neutralization urgent action is needed. And the very unity that allows us to achieve our goals.