Best Teambuilding Activities For Soldiers

The most sustainable and effective army is an army that knows each and every soldier, as well as their strengths and the value they add to the army. It is also fundamentally important to know how to use each and every soldier’s ability in a way that can enhance the chances of success for that army.

One of the most crucial characteristics of an efficient army is the deep knowledge they have of all the individual units that it comprises of; these units are the soldiers. Each soldier needs to know how to work in a coherent and structured way for them to achieve a common goal. For this to take place, it is paramount that
1. The goal has been clearly communicated, and every soldier knows what is expected of them, and what is needed of them to achieve the goal.
2. The soldiers are all united to achieve their mission, as well as having the adequate level of motivation to persevere until their mission is completed.

Every member of the army needs to feel as if they are contributing to the success of the army, this gives each soldier the necessary levels of motivation and determination they need to stay committed to the cause, despite any hardships they may face.

A soldier also needs to feel respected and appreciated by his/her peers. Being a soldier is a dangerous job and there are a number of instances where their life may be in jeopardy in the line of duty; thus, it is important for a soldier to respect each other and the sacrifices they all make. It is also important to trust each and every soldier in the army as well as their judgment. Should there ever be a time where a soldier makes a command or gives important information relating to the task, it should be taken seriously and acted on promptly. Every soldier should believe that each of there peers have their best interest at heart, therefore they should have the best interest of their peers at heart. And those are the fundamentals principles that a steadfast and effective army is derived from.

Team building activities facilitate the development of the required characteristics each soldier should have to build a formidable army. Team building exercises encourage important traits such as; teamwork, every individual working together to achieve a common goal, interaction with fellow team members. Team building also affords the team the opportunity to see where the individual’s strengths lie, and where and how these strengths can be utilized for the overall success of the team.

Football would be a good example of an effective team building exercise. This activity has different positions, and it gives the team an insight into where each team members strengths lie. It may also help in giving a general understanding on the type of person each soldier is, i.e; to see if the person is timid and plays a more supportive role, or if they are aggressive and plays a more attacking game. They can also learn how to strategize by drawing a football field and plan on the play that will do to make a goal. This skill can also be used when they are on duty as soldiers.

Outdoor football would obviously be a more effective team building activity than an electronic soccer game, simply because it is a group activity. With Mattel football as an example, one plays alone and does not require the help of others to attain victory. Team building exercises are more effective when there is a team, trying to achieve a common goal, and each team member is dependent on one another for success.

Other team building activities that would be useful for soldiers would be; obstacle courses, one-on-one type conversations between soldiers to form interpersonal relationships