Yesterday, August 29, the party conference of the regional branch of the United Russia party in Sevastopol took place. It was attended by Alexei Chaly and Sergey Menyaylo. On the agenda is the adoption of the party’s program, which is based on the development concept of Sevastopol developed by Chaly.

The program was accepted. Sergei Menyailo did not object to it, who only noted that the concept can be slightly adjusted according to realities.

Alexei Chaly at the party conference was not so cruel in his statements, shook the hand of Menyailo and, in general, the atmosphere was quite friendly.

Probably, the city leaders decided to find a common language and distribute managerial positions among themselves.

Most likely, Sergey Menyaylo will remain on the post of governor, and Alexey Chaly will take the place of chairman of the Legislative Assembly.

Two branches of government, legislative and executive, will have to work for the benefit of Sevastopol, if only it wouldn’t happen that there will again be a conflict between them that will not do any good for the city.

Recall that the Governor of Sevastopol will choose the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol from the three candidates proposed by Vladimir Putin. And the majority in the parliament of the hero city is expected to be United Russia.